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MYO Woodwife - Vera Vintersdotter by Nefermeritaset MYO Woodwife - Vera Vintersdotter :iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 0 2 March MYO Woodwife - Allan Winter by Nefermeritaset March MYO Woodwife - Allan Winter :iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 2 6 Fur stock by Nefermeritaset Fur stock :iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 0 3
Victor - Yuletide feast with Arty part 1
It was time at last. Victor came to his appointment with Arty in a state of nerves, because he didn't know if she would like the gift nor if she would accept going to the Yule festival in the Heart with him. They were to meet at the Workshop, as usual. Victor wore his usual hat and gloves, and of course his coat, but he had sewn a special festive costume to go with them, one who had the shape of a tuxedo but the deep, rich green of pines and sequins on it to sparkle like he was on stage. He had also embroidered shapes of holly on the lapels, with red sequins on it to figure the fruits. He hoped she wouldn't laugh too hard, because he liked fancy costumes, and had spent time on this one.
He had the gift box ornate with a ribbon, and was ready to give it to her as soon as they had properly kissed. He had not seen her the last days, because both of them were crazy busy. So here he was, waiting impatiently inside, looking constantly at the door. Shamrock, sensing his nervousness, shifted u
:iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 2 4
Diane and Brune - Christmas feast
A morning of early December, Brune was brewing some potions when she heard Snow whine. She was about to get out and see what disturbed the stallion, when someone knocked at her door. Only then she felt Diane’s presence. She had been so buried in her work that she hadn’t noticed it before then. She went to the door and opened it, smiling at Diane.
“Hello, Diane, Moonlight. Please come in.”
She waved toward the inside of her tidy little cottage, and her guests came in. Diane took a chair, and looked around. Moonlight smelt the brew with curiosity.
“Please wait a moment, I have to take that potion off the fire, I think it’s ready”, Brunehault said. And so she did. When she was done, she came and sat on a chair, Lady Rose jumping on her lap. “So, Diane, what brings you to my home?” she asked in a soft tone. She didn’t need any babysitting, now that she was better at taking care of herself. Diane knew that, so she must have had a r
:iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 2 0
Chistmas with a ghost
December - Asa’s home.
It was a cold December. It had snowed all day, and the Badger Clan had trouble reaching Asa’s place for the Christmas-Solstice party. Except for Willka, who had put on the new clothes Daghny had made for him, and could fly while the rest of his body was warm. Sydney and Nigel had to fight their way through the thick layer of snow. Of course, it was easier for Nigel, who had been a mountaineer before, but still, he had lost the habit.
When they reached the place, all was warm and welcoming. Beeguhs and ghost swarmed the place to put the last touch to the decoration. Sydney was amazed at Asa’s easy smile, since he had met Basilio. It was quite a change indeed!
Nigel was proud when he saw that tea had been made according to the rules, and had been set upon the table for everyone to enjoy. There were new faces too. Or rather, faces without a name yet. The Badger Clan was aware of the arrival of those Beeguhs, but hadn’t have time to properly m
:iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 3 2
Happy New Year 2018 by Nefermeritaset Happy New Year 2018 :iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 3 13 Diane - Yuletide festival dress by Nefermeritaset Diane - Yuletide festival dress :iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 3 7 Victor - Yuletide festival tuxedo special by Nefermeritaset Victor - Yuletide festival tuxedo special :iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 2 7
Isabelle - Solstice cock tail
It was almost Solstice. Isabelle was thinking hard. Her family, being of mixed origins, celebrated Christmas in the Christian way. But in Louisiana, it was hard to find snow, pine trees and holly. She loved the gathering, the lights, the tales, the food (except for oysters. Why did they have to make oysters?), and all, but she wanted to decorate her house properly. She could always make garlands, as she had done before, but she didn’t like to stich and sew, and it was tedious, so she would reuse the ones from the past years. She had not enough money to buy fancy Christmas’ balls, or other decorations. But she had made it a tradition to add a new Christmas shiny thing to her decor every year. After all, before she went to celebrate Christmas with her family in her father’s mansion, her mother always came to fetch her and made sure she had taken care of her home.
She had a tree. Yes, it was a small cypress growing in her garden. But she had grown it for that purpose, so
:iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 1 0
Solstice tale
A Solstice tale.
It was a cold Solstice night, the longest night of the year, with a sharp winter breeze which made your breath look like mist. The village was all quiet, all people locked inside their homes, but the lights were burning bright. Since it was the longest night, you had to make sure the sun would return, and for that, you lit all the lights you could. Every fireplace, every candle, every lantern was burning bright in the darkest of the night.
On each window sill, something was disposed. Some had left the crust of their last bread, some had baked a special cake, some had only left a branch of hoe or a carved wooden toy.
Everyone was asleep. Everyone but one little girl. She had never been very obedient, her parents lamented for that, since she was otherwise quite a good girl, and she wanted to know if the old tales were true. People said that a Bearded Man gave presents to people who deserved it. That the little things on the window sills were for him to take. She
:iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 1 0
Victor - Yule with Arty
It was this moment of the year when Autumn turned into Winter. Soon, the Solstice would be there, and with it, the longest night of the year. Victor had put the last hand on his chestnut roaster, and was going to bring it to the Heart, along with a storage of chestnuts he had collected patiently during the last months. He had been quite shocked at Arty’s disappearance, when she had, apparently, been trapped by a dream fairy in a bloody nightmare. He couldn’t forgive himself for not having been able to help her back then, even with the help of a very large number of familiars of all sorts, and the unsuccessful tries of the Lords themselves. Since then, Victor had tried hard to make up for his absence at this crucial moment. He had taken Arty to various trips, had worked with her on powerful runes against nightmares, and had crafted things with her, to relax her and make her feel better, even if the work at the factory kept her quite busy.
Victor wanted to ask Arty to come wi
:iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 2 4
Brunehault - Yuletide event dress by Nefermeritaset Brunehault - Yuletide event dress :iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 2 2
Isabelle - Character Sheet
Name: Isabelle Boisseau
Sex: Female
Age: 15 (contract) - 19 (After stewardship)
Background: Daughter of a metis Creole mother and her former owner, a white Cajun owner of a small planting in South Louisiana, she was born free and is very proud of it. Her father isn’t rich, but he provided to her needs as a child. She is his legitimate daughter since he married her mother after freeing her. Her nanny was well versed in tales of the Bayou, and she knew about the creatures in there well before a local Woodwife decided she had the Sight and had to be properly trained. It turned out to be not so good an idea, since it was during her apprenticeship that Isabelle found it funny to strike a deal with Compère Lapin. She really shouldn’t have thought she was smarter than the Great Trickster himself, contract or not…
She now has her own cottage and begins to have a good reputation as a potion and charm maker, but she doesn’t make much money
:iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 2 0
Prompt - Home Alone
Octobre, Camp Beeguh.
Pas de voyage ce mois-ci. Le camp a besoin de nous ! Il y a quelques jours, Xoco est venue toquer à la porte du terrier. Elle venait présenter des excuses à Willka pour la façon dont elle l’avait accueilli au départ, et Willka, après tout ce que nous avons vécu ensemble, s’est suffisamment calmé pour les accepter assez facilement.
Après quoi, nous avons discuté du sujet à la mode : le départ imminent de deux de nos éminents shamans : Boursin et Jacke, qui doivent aller faire une mission de secours ou je ne sais quoi. Ils nous laissent le camp, et il va falloir s’organiser pour se débrouiller sans eux. J’ai proposé mon aide à Xoco pour sécuriser le camp grâce aux pièges et autres protections que j’utilise quotidiennement pour protéger le Museum. Nous nous sommes prémunis contre les Obake grâce aux objets que Yoko-
:iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 2 18
Aulis-Epidaure - Partie 4
Septembre, Museum de Sydney.
Nous sommes enfin rentrés sains et saufs, tous les trois, au Museum. Ce n’était pas gagné d’avance, et je pense que nous allons nous reposer un moment avant de repartir à l’aventure. En priorité, j’attends la livraison de tout ce que Yoko-san a pu trouver comme amulettes et charmes de protection contre les Obake. Parce que clairement, j’étais insuffisamment préparée, et mes assistants n’étaient pas bien protégés, ce qui n’est pas acceptable. Nous avons bien failli y rester, et j’ai même une griffe cassée. Heureusement, ça repousse. Je suis plus embêtée par les entailles sur mon flanc, qui piquent un peu, même si nous avons tout nettoyé et qu’elles ne sont pas vraiment handicapantes. Je vais en venir à la manière dont tout ça m’est arrivé.
Nous étions, Nigel et moi, en embuscade pr
:iconnefermeritaset:Nefermeritaset 0 0

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MYO Woodwife - Vera Vintersdotter
Okay, since the wonderful :iconWoodwiwes: group allowed those who had shared the contest with their watchers to make another Woodwife, I chose to work on Vera, Allan's teacher. She is older than the other Woodwives I play, and quite peculiar in her habits, so she should be fun to play, especially with her... very frail familiar. 
Vera is mine and was made with DAZ Studio, a lot of Photoshop, patience, and a picture of a Large Blue from Wikimedia commons (on her shoulder. See him? Meet Arion. If you're not a bird and do not eat butterflies, he likes you). 

Name: Vera Vintersdotter

Sex: Female

Age: 38 (when she met Allan) - 52 (present times)

Background: Daughter of Northern Europe (Norway) people immigrated to London to escape the war of 1814 between Sweden and Norway, she arrived in London a 16 year old girl whose Woodwife training had been interrupted before its end. She found a Woodwife willing to finish her training after a year of searching, but in between, she had fallen in love with the city of London. Her two-parts training left her polyvalent and torn between different cultures. 

Hair: Long blond hair with strikes of white, braided on the side. 

Eyes: Ice blue. 

Stage: Experienced Woodwife. 

Familiar: Large Blue Butterfly named Arion from the norsk name of the species (Male). 

Cloak: Blue cloak with snowflakes of various shapes and colors on it, and a white layer of snow underneath. The inside is made of fine silk. 

Touched by The Wood: No.

Effect: N/A

Truth: Every snowflake is different from another

History: Vera Vintersdotter was born and raised in a rich family in Norway. That’s where people discovered she had the Sight. She began her Woodwife training at 12 with Sonja, who taught her the northern ways of using Wood magic, and of course, the meaning and power of runes. She was happy for almost 4 years, even met her familiar, Arion, who was, to her surprise, a beautiful blue butterfly. He helped her to see above the stone which obsessed her since she was a kid. He taught her the sky was interesting too. But in 1814, Norway wanted its independence from Sweden, and there was a war. Her parents, contrary to what was usually done, went to take Vera back from her Woodwife teacher. She cried. She didn’t want to go. But Sonja had a dream in which she died very young in Norway. So she went to England with her parents in a boat, and landed on the London docks. She was struck by the life of the city and marveled at this brand new world. She was 16 and independent, and she explored the city while she still sought a Woodwife to complete her apprenticeship. It took her a year to find one who bothered venturing into the city. Alexandra was a modern woman who liked her dresses to be fashionable, so she worked with a renowned seamstress, providing the fabric she made herself from her sheep herd, while the other woman taught her the latest fashion tips. That’s how Alexandra stumbled upon Vera, and decided to take over her apprenticeship. Vera learnt new ways, new plants and herbs, and her mother was very relieved to see her taken care of. When time came, Vera made her own cloak out of the wool from Alexandra’s sheep, and the silk Alexandra had bought to her as a 18th anniversary gift. She then became a steward, to her pleasure, and then a Woodwife. She built a Norway traditional house with wood logs and a stone base (took her quite a while), near a swamp where the land was cheap and near the suburbs of London. But she was stubborn and didn’t stop until she had built her own little home. She then became the Woodwife for every believer of the old ways around London, and surveyed parks and old trees to prevent Goblins to enter town unnoticed. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be everywhere at the same time, and this last part didn’t work so well… but it lead her to take Allan as an apprentice. Appart from his parrot trying to eat Arion several times, the two of them got along quite well. 

Now, Vera is a proud citizen of London (she obtained a permanent visa some time ago) and likes to tour the city, especially the suburbs, to cure people and hear gossips. Tea parties for the win! That’s the perk of being seen as an « old » lady. 

Likes: Cold weather, especially cold but sunny winter days, moist, swamps, London, aromatic herbs, cooking, the touch of cold stone, collecting unusual stones (including gems if she’s lucky), calling herself a « Urban Woodwife », meeting new people (including other magics users), eating fish, gossips (of every kind), singing, the world through Arion’s eyes.

Dislikes: Hot days, cattle, wild beasts, Goblins, narrow-minded people, birds who want to eat her familiar, meat-based meals, violence. 

Talents: Runes, of course. Protection runes, divination runes, etc. Stone magic. Ice magic (at a low level). Brews and potions for everyday (healing, curing illness, soothing pain…). 

Weaknesses: Charms that are not rune-related, spells, fire magic, earth magic, powerful magic in general. 

March MYO Woodwife - Allan Winter

My own Woodwife for :iconwoodwives: group event. 

Allan Winter

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Background: Allan is basically a city street urchin turned into a Woodwife by mere chance. 

Hair: Mid-length blond hair

Eyes: Blue

Stage: Woodwife

Familiar: Ara parrot named Rainbow, even if he is only blue and yellow. 

Cloak: A pale brown urban coat with runes embroidered on the front and a whole planisphere (from the time) on the back. 

Touched by The Wood: No. 

Truth: Diversity is what makes the word richer. 

History: Allan was born in the poor neighborhood near the docks, one amongst many malnourished kids barely raised by a couple who couldn’t afford such a large tribe. Eleven brothers and sisters lived on the salaries of a factory seamstress and a docker. His mother died first, giving birth to his last sibling, who didn’t make it either. Allan was 5. Then his father was crushed by a ship’s cargo poorly secured, and Allan was orphaned at 7. He fled before the ladies of what they called « charity care » took all his family but his little brother Rick, 5 years old, and him. The two of them lived on the streets, searching the garbage and eating the remains of the day from the port: fish guts or skin grilled on a fire of fortune, sometimes fish bone soup. They loved the docks, with all their life and variety. There were so many exotic things to see there. People with different skin colors and clothes, animals they had never heard of, colorful fabrics, various scenting spices… 

But when Rick was 8, he decided he wanted to go for and adventure. They ventured on unknown streets of London, and arrived at a park. Rick wanted to explore it, and Allan couldn’t say no to his beloved brother. They ventured inside the park, but a mist was up, and soon they got lost. Goblins sprouted out of a burrow in a tree, and grabbed Rick. Allan wanted to fight for his brother, but he froze, and couldn’t do a thing. Rick yelled loudly, unable to see what was taking him. But Allan saw them alright, and that’s what scared him half to death. 

He ran for his life, and only on the morning he bumped into a middle-aged lady in a beautiful cloak who asked him why he was so upset. Allan told her the story. She introduced herself as Vera, Urban Woodwife. She lived on the edge of the forest and the suburbs, and helped city people who still believed in the old ways. She took Allan as an apprentice, and discovered that, properly fed, the boy was a really big young man, tall and muscular. He had a hard time living near the marsh where Vera had settled her home. But she insisted that swamp herbs were the best for some remedies. Allan did well and became a proper Woodwife. He could never, however, forgive himself for letting the goblins having his baby brother. His perpetual smirk and easy laughter are a way to hide deep wounds. 

Likes: Playing cards, courting women, a good show, pleasant company, laughter, discovering new cultures and customs, whiskey, ale, beefsteak, fresh bread, Chinese food, living in London with all the people and noise and activity buzzing around, learning new languages (Already speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian, even a bit of Greek). 

Dislikes: Short-minded people, bossy people, the boring life in the countryside, eggplants, dead flowers, swamps and mosquitoes. 

Talents: Runes, divination, stamina potions and small spells, love potions (not real « love potions » but brews that make a person more attractive for a short time by triggering the hormones. But he sells them as love potions). 

Weaknesses: Elemental magic, anything too powerful. He’s not very good at magic except for runes. 

I wish you all an happy end of the year.
This year have been difficult for me in some respects, but also very productive for writing, and I discovered 3D art. 
I wish you happy holidays, and the best things for the year to come. 
As for me, I wish to keep only the good things of 2017 in 2018, and put the rest behind me, because it was hard, painful and stressful. 
But, as you might have noticed, I found a way to write, both in French and in English, again, so this is a major bonus. 

Anyway, I wish you to cross safely to 2018, and enjoy the new year when it comes. Thanks for watching me !
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  • Drinking: Tea. Always. Anywhere.


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Boooo !

About the order of publication of the next Sydney's adventures, shall I... 

4 deviants said Keep the chronological order, and post one thing after the other (=waiting for the side-RP to be done before posting the new adventure)
1 deviant said Skip the RP until it's finished, and post the next adventure of Sydney anyway, even if this means messing with chronology
No deviants said Post it all at the same time! It's raining entries, Hallelujah! (But only when everything is finished...)


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